Dave Weckl Band - Synergy

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Dave Weckl Band - Synergy (1999)
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Genre: Jazz-Rock | Fusion | Instrumental

Dave Weckl’s second release with his band comes after the group spent a long, grueling schedule on the road to support their first album. Hence, the title, SYNERGY, reflects the band’s tight cohesiveness, and their ability to lay down intense grooves and burn through stunning solo sections as if of one mind. Specializing in muscular rhythmic complexities, Weckl does what he does best here while maintaining the clean, driving groove that has typified this project since its inception.

With the support of electric jazz veterans like Brandon Fields (sax), Tom Kennedy (bass), Buzz Feiten (guitar) and longtime partner Jay Oliver (keyboards), Weckl has graduated from the over-the-top style that characterized his years with Chick Corea into a mature, thoughtful leader. The music covers many stylistic bases while always maintaining a signature sound. Not surprisingly, there is more rock and funk in the mix than real jazz, yet still with plenty of room for some intense, though concise, solo efforts for which each of these virtuosos are internationally known. Disc highlights include the uplifting "Highlife," the shuffling "Swunk," Weckl’s percussion extravaganza "Cultural Concurrence," and a remake of his own "Tower Of Inspiration ‘99." Recorded at Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles, California from January 18-22, 1999.

Dave Weckl (drums, tambourine, percussion);
Brandon Fields (soprano, tenor & baritone saxophones, keyboards, synthesizer);
Jay Oliver (organ, keyboards, synthesizer);
Buzz Feiten (electric, nylon string & steel string guitars);
Tom Kennedy (bass).

1.High Life
2.Panda’s Dream
4.A Simple Prayer
5.Cape Fear
6.Wet Skin
8.Where’s My Paradise?
9.Lucky Seven
10.Swamp Thing
11.Cultural Concurrence
12.Tower ‘99

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